Dell Technologies and Gemalto: Global Partnership is Win-Win for Customers

Dell Technologies and Gemalto have been global partners for many years. We have a diversified partnership around resell, integrations, OEM and IoT. For resale, Dell Technologies offers Gemalto many routes to market given their own global business and relationships with their clients.

This partner win example illustrates how the Dell EMC team recognized a network encryption requirement with Gemalto for a data center modernization project. We connected our field teams for support, but Dell EMC did all the work. Dell EMC found and drove this project to closure in less than five weeks.

Data Center Issue Prompts Change

One of Europe’s largest business process outsourcing and professional services company was faced with a challenge. In 2017 they experienced some issues at their main data center which prompted a decision to modernize their private cloud. In addition, the company knew GDPR would be enforced beginning in May 2018. They were planning a June go live date for their updated cloud platform and knew that it was essential that data was encrypted in motion between the primary and backup data centers over fiber optic links.

Considering the market demand for security solutions that GDPR has created, the company had numerous options to choose from when they began their search for the solution that would suit their needs. Ultimately, they turned to Dell EMC for a solution that would allow them to modernize their cloud and meet the forth-coming GDPR compliance.

Gemalto Cipher Partner Offers Solution

Dell EMC suggested a Gemalto network encryption solution meet the requirements for this particular product, and so the customer selected SafeNet High-Speed Ethernet Encryptors, high assurance, certified appliances that provide end-to-end encryption and client-side key management while offering real-time low latency and near zero overhead. Ultimately, it provides security without compromise, which is just what the customer was looking for.

Successful Implementation of GDPR Controls

The customer required encrypted links with very low latency for the Fibre Channel and iSCSI solutions. Facing fines of up to 4% of global turnover if they failed to implement correct GDPR controls, they deemed any other solution than Gemalto as too risky. Their cloud was updated using SafeNet High-speed Ethernet Encryptors and the customer was able to safely implement end-to-end High Speed Encryption, which meant meeting GDPR controls before they came into effect.

The Gemalto Cipher Partner Program benefits both partners and their customers through opportunities to safely implement solutions like these. Learn more about what a partnership with Gemalto can do for your organization.

You can also learn more about the suite of SafeNet High-Speed Network Encryptors by clicking here or watching the video below.

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