Security Boulevard’s 5 Most Read Stories for the Week, July 9-13

A new week, a new crop of security stories. Last week, container security, credential phishing, open source software security and dark market shops selling RDP access made the headlines. In addition, we discussed how to mitigate the risks of shadow IT with CASBs.

Control Defend Extend Container Security

Control, Defend and Extend Container Security

Some of the most common security challenges organizations face today can be boiled down to a breakdown in communication between development, operations and security teams, with security often being the last to know about changes. Container technology can play an important role in how these teams work together to address ...
Mitigating Risks of Shadow IT

Mitigating Risks of Shadow IT with CASBs

According to the RightScale “2018 State of the Cloud Report,” 81 percent of companies are now using the cloud, an indication that it has more than delivered on its promises of efficiency, convenience and cost optimization. Despite mass adoption, there are recognizable security gaps resulting from both misconfiguration issues and ...
Cisco Report Cyber Attacks

Dark Market Shop Sells RDP Access to Airport System for $10

Stolen or brute-forced remote desktop protocol (RDP) credentials have played a central role in many data breaches over the years and cybercriminals have made a business out of selling them on the underground market. For as little as $3, hackers can buy remote access into sensitive systems belonging to businesses, ...
Credential Phishing – Easy Steps to Stymie Hackers

Credential Phishing – Easy Steps to Stymie Hackers

Phishing attacks have become a common factor in our daily routines for businesses and in our personal lives. There are many different types of phishing attacks, each of which requires a slightly different defense while having some commonalities as well. This article covers a specific type of attack called credential ...
6 Open Source Software Security Concerns Dispelled

6 Open Source Software Security Concerns Dispelled

Used by developers around the world, open source components makes up 60%-80% of the codebase in modern applications. Open source components are downloaded thousands of times per day to create applications for organizations of varying sizes and across all industries. But despite the continuously growing adoption there are still myths ...
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The Four Current Threats Enterprises Can’t Ignore

The Four Current Threats Enterprises Can’t Ignore

The changing digital landscape of data and devices is creating a perfect storm of opportunity for cybercriminals. Enterprises today are prime targets, as more users access more data using more—and more varied—devices. In particular, enterprises today must contend with issues including ransomware, IoT security flaws, DDoS attacks and managing mobile devices on the corporate network ... Read More
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