How to Strengthen Your Cyber Security DNA

Cyber security is a complex animal that requires many disciplines and a diverse toolkit. Typically, resources are limited, and incident response and security staff are overloaded with noise, irrelevant alerts and incomplete static information.  With so many diverse systems its difficult to utilize them in a coordinated and timely way.

Traditional 1-way integrations have been a good start, but adaptive 2-way cooperation between threat prevention and security automation opens up completely new workflows for security teams so that they can make smart, business-driven decisions automatically in real time. For example, what if you were able to challenge suspicious behavior with MFA, while orchestrating a query to the user’s manager, all with the ability to automatically resolve all incidents and actions if behavior is approved? Typical 1-way integrations would struggle with this scenario and instead rely on manual work by security staff in order to resolve the incident.

This is one of the reasons that Preempt and Demisto partnered to create an adaptive 2-way integration. Preempt monitors internal traffic in real time to identify threats based on user identity, behavior and risk and then delivers real time prevention that adapts based on that risk. Demisto provides security automation, orchestration and incident management across enterprise security investments. When Preempt’s threat prevention and Demisto’s security orchestration adapt and work together it provides a very powerful real time security platform for enterprises.

I’ve always felt that a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at this video that demonstrates our partnership and the two solutions working hand in hand.

Given the highly adaptive, complex yet seamless integration of Preempt and Demisto, we find that the DNA metaphor is highly applicable to how our offerings work together to protect your organization’s most business-critical data and operations. To learn more, we invite you to join our July 12th webinar: “Strengthen Your Cyber Security DNA.

We pay a lot of the attention to the company we keep, and Demisto’s team is absolutely world-class, from the founders on down across the organization. Thank you to our friends and partners at Demisto for making this partnership possible.

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