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Reviewing GDPR chapters and their summaries can help with understanding the scope of GDPR compliance.  Join us for Part 3 of GDPR Chapter Summaries.

PART 3: Fines and Exceptions 

In GDPR Summaries Part 2, we covered chapters 4-6,  of the regulation while reviewing Articles 1-23.  Organized and broken down into sections – including a complete checklist-  part 3 discusses chapters 7-11 and covers Articles 60-99. The breakdown of those chapters and articles follow below 

Chapter 7: Cooperation and Consistency 

This chapter, covering Articles 60-76, discusses how supervisory authorities can remain consistent and cooperate with one another. It also defines the purpose of the European Data Protection Board, and discusses its purpose. 

Key takeaways
Article 60: Cooperation between the lead supervisory authority and other supervisory authorities concerned. 
Article 63: Consistency Mechanism. This article is important as supervisory authorities are needed to (Read more...)