Security Boulevard’s 5 Most Read Stories for the Week, April 9-13

Here we are this week, staring the RSA Conference squarely in the face. What baggage did we come to the show with? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s turn before Congress and a new crop of exploits, to start. Plus, some useful information on bug bounty programs and corporate security gaps.
Missed out on any of the news? Here are the five most-read stories on Security Boulevard from last week to help you out.

Bug Bounty Program Overhaul

Does Your Bug Bounty Program Need an Overhaul?

They’ve become mainstream, but bug bounty programs are vast, varied and complicatedWhen bugs proliferate, there’s potential for an infestation problem that needs to be fumigated. Over the past few years, bug bounty programs have become a popular solution for getting rid of nasty vulnerabilities before they create more widespread problems.Bug ...
Many Android Devices Miss Patches But Are Still Hard to Hack

Many Android Devices Miss Patches But Are Still Hard to Hack

New research shows that many Android devices are missing some security patches despite displaying patch levels that should include them. That said, implementing remote code execution attacks that can compromise Android devices without user interaction is very difficult, which is why cybercriminals continue to prefer social engineering over technical exploitation, ...
New Document Attack Exploits Design Behavior Rather than Macros

New Document Attack Exploits Design Behavior Rather than Macros

Malicious Microsoft Word documents sent via email are a hacker favorite when it comes to infecting computers, but researchers have recently observed an attack campaign that uses first-stage docs without any active malicious code.Instead of using macros or other embedded shellcode that might get blocked by Word’s security settings and ...
Corporate Security Exposed in Breaches

What’s Under Your Armor? Gaps in Corporate Security Exposed in Breaches

Key takeaways from the wellspring of newly disclosed breachesIn the past week, at least three corporate security breaches have made headlines. Given its massiveness the Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal app breach is most notable, as it left approximately 150 million user accounts compromised. That’s comparable to the Equifax breach.Soon after, news ...
Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Contracts

Zuckerberg Unveils the Cyber-Naivete of Congress

The 10-plus hours of Q&A between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and members of both houses of congress on April 10 and 11 was, in a word, painful. Agonizingly painful, as we watched one senator and congressman/congresswoman after the other demonstrate their lack of basic knowledge of how the internet and ...
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