AI helps home users detect and prevent unknown cyber threats

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SecureAge adds Automatic Mode to SecureAPlus 11 August 2020 – SecureAge Technology, a leading global data and endpoint protection company, today has announced the addition of a new feature to its SecureAPlus application ...
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SecureAge’s AI-Powered APEX Anti-Malware Engine Comes Out-of-Beta for SecureAPlus Users

SecureAge announces AI roll out amid UI overhauls and new tiered version structure for SecureAPlus antivirus NEW YORK, NY (September 25, 2019) – SecureAge Technology, a provider of encryption security and antivirus ...
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SecureAge Integrates Artificial Intelligence Powered APEX Anti-Malware Engine in VirusTotal

SecureAge’s APEX engine uses machine learning to recognize zero-day and mutated threats that are traditionally undetectable (NEW YORK) (May 14, 2019) — SecureAge Technology, an data security and encryption solution provider for ...
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