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Catch Me If You Can: The Changing Faces of Malware

The reappearance of malware variants shows how platform criminality is enabling hackers to teach old code new tricks The security industry and authorities need to work together to understand how platforms are ...
Know Your Firewall: Layer 3 vs. Layer 7

New Attacks Reuse Malware Code from Dormant APT1

New attacks against organizations from South Korea, Canada and the United States use a malicious implant that’s based on an old malware program associated with a dormant Chinese APT group known as ...
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McAfee Report Points to Cyber Collusion Between China, North Korea

A report by McAfee released today suggests organized cybercriminal organizations operating out of China and North Korea may be colluding more. “Operation Oceansalt Attacks South Korea, U.S., and Canada with Source Code ...
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