Proxmox Container with Debian 10 does not work after upgrade

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I just did an apt update / upgrade of a Debian 10 container and restarted it afterwards and got following: # pct start 105 Job for [email protected] failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status [email protected]" and "journalctl -xe" for details. command 'systemctl start [email protected]' failed: ... Read More

Howto visualize your water meter and get alerted if too much water is used

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In the village I live the water meter is replaced every 5 years and it was the fifth’s year this year. I took the opportunity to talk to the municipal office, if it was possible to get a water meter with impulse module, which I can integrate in my network ... Read More

Howto install Wireguard in an unprivileged container (Proxmox)

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Wireguard is the new star on the block concerning VPNs – and yes it has some benefits to the old VPN technologies but I won’t talk about them as there is much information about that on the Internet. This blog post just explains how to set it up in an ... Read More

Howto install Bitwarden in a LXC container (e.g. Proxmox)

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As many of you know me, I’m quite serious about security and therefore a believer in the theory that a service which is not reachable (e.g. from the Internet) cannot be attacked as easily as one that it. Looking at password managers this makes choosing not that easy. Sure there ... Read More
QuickTip: Howto secure your Mikrotik/RouterOS Router and specially Winbox

QuickTip: Howto secure your Mikrotik/RouterOS Router and specially Winbox

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I didn’t post anything about the multiple security problems in the Mikrotik Winbox API, as I thought that whoever is leaving the management of a router open to the Internet should not configure routers at all. Of course it is common sense to open the management interface only on internal ... Read More
Some VPN providers leak your IPv6 IP address

Some VPN providers leak your IPv6 IP address

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Just a short note. Today a friend called me if I could help him to get TV streaming from TV stations in the US running. When I looked at it, he even selected a VPN provider which offers servers in the US to circumvent the Geo restrictions, but still it ... Read More