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location CISA Cybersecurity Fraud Case Under Federal False Claims Act

Federal Court Narrows ‘Third Party’ Warrant Requirement

In United States v. Carpenter, the United States Supreme Court ruled that, before the police could obtain historical cell site location information (CSLI) about the location of someone’s cell phone in the ...
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DoJ cryptocurrency Apple consultants Disney contract

On Opioids, Consultants and Information Security

On Feb. 4, consulting firm McKinsey agreed to pay a fine of more than a half-billion dollars to various state attorneys general in connection with their role in promoting the sale of ...
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Canada's New Data Privacy Law

Canada’s New Data Privacy Law Now in Effect

The other day I got a 2019 prediction from TrustArc CEO Chris Babel. He said that managing privacy will be the new normal, like securing data or paying taxes. “Privacy will continue ...
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