Protect WordPress Websites from SQL Injection

How to Protect WordPress Websites from SQL Injection

If you are one of the many who are using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for your website, it’s important to be aware of SQL injection threats that could take down your business. SQL injection is a common threat, as SQL is the most widely used language for ... Read More
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VPN Leaks: Knowing, Understanding and Preventing

VPNs have become much more popular as a way for people to keep their data secure in an increasingly insecure world. As the technology has grown in prevalence, a number of different types of VPNs have come to market, which has increased the chances of vulnerability. If you are using ... Read More
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How Blockchain Can Improve InfoSec

Blockchain could be an unknown term in any era, but in the present, it has sparked global hype. According to Transparency Market Research, blockchain’s value is expected to reach $20 billion by the year 2024. This technology has an extraordinary potential to cut costs, especially for financial organizations. While many ... Read More
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Protect Your WordPress from Cybersecurity Threats

WordPress is among the most famous publishing platforms, running more than 24 percent of all websites globally. WordPress is open source, which means it is visible and discernible to every user—and is a regular target for various hackers/attackers. The most recent version of WordPress, version 5.0.1 repaired seven security vulnerabilities ... Read More
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E-Discovery in Cloud: Security Issue and Compliance Gaps

E-discovery serves as a reliable method for organizations in accumulating, preserving and organizing data for legal and regulatory compliance. However, advancements in technologies such as containers have invoked security and compliance gap into the prolonged reliability of e-discovery platforms during cloud migrations. E-discovery embraces the organizational processes, with the help ... Read More
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domain Major DNS Threats: Preventing DNS Hijacking

Major DNS Threats: Preventing DNS Hijacking and Leaks

Keeping your DNS safe is critical in today’s increasingly dangerous cyber environment Preventing hackers from accessing your private data is a complicated task on its own. Data security and privacy are becoming more difficult in the face of cyberthreats such as WikiLeaks, WannaCry attack, Petya attack and the Equifax breach, ... Read More
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AI and Big Data in Health Care

AI and Big Data in Health Care: The Risks and Rewards

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data have been around for a while, but over the last few years have become dominant technologies in almost every industry. In the healthcare IT sector, AI and big data analysis tools are expected to play an expanding and major role, touching every part of ... Read More
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