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Advocating for change

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As a company, we believe Black lives matter. In the face of continued police brutality, racial disparities in law enforcement, and limited accountability, we demand an end to systemic racism, endorse restrictions on police use of force, and seek greater accountability for police actions. We believe police misconduct, militarization of ... Read More
Upgradeable contracts made safer with Crytic

Upgradeable contracts made safer with Crytic

| | blockchain, Crytic
Upgradeable contracts are not as safe as you think. Architectures for upgradeability can be flawed, locking contracts, losing data, or sabotaging your ability to recover from an incident. Every contract upgrade must be carefully reviewed to avoid catastrophic mistakes. The most common delegatecall proxy comes with drawbacks that we’ve catalogued ... Read More

Detecting Bad OpenSSL Usage

by William Wang, UCLA OpenSSL is one of the most popular cryptographic libraries out there; even if you aren’t using C/C++, chances are your programming language’s biggest libraries use OpenSSL bindings as well. It’s also notoriously easy to mess up due to the design of its low-level API. Yet many ... Read More

Announcing our first virtual Empire Hacking

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At Trail of Bits, we’ve all been working remotely due to COVID-19. But the next Empire Hacking event will go on, via video conference! When: April 14th @ 6PM How: RSVP via this Google Form or on Meetup. We’ll email you an invitation early next week. Come talk shop with ... Read More

Announcing the Crytic $10k Research Prize

At Trail of Bits, we make a significant effort to stay up to date with the academic world. We frequently evaluate our work through peer-reviewed conferences, and we love to attend academic events (see our recent ICSE and Crypto recaps). However, we consistently see one recurring issue at these academic ... Read More

246 Findings From our Smart Contract Audits: An Executive Summary

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Until now, smart contract security researchers (and developers) have been frustrated by limited information about the actual flaws that survive serious development efforts. That limitation increases the risk of making critical smart contracts vulnerable, misallocating resources for risk reduction, and missing opportunities to employ automated analysis tools. We’re changing that ... Read More

Return of the Blockchain Security Empire Hacking

Remember last December’s Empire Hacking? The one where we dedicated the event to sharing the best information about blockchain and smart contract security? Let’s do that again, and let’s make it a tradition; a half-day mini conference focused exclusively on a single topic every December. On December 12, please join ... Read More