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Your CEO Isn’t Real: How to Deal With Deep Fakes

The history of deep fake technology is surprisingly long. Researchers at academic institutions have been developing deep fake tech since the early 1990s. The idea is even older, as popular science fiction—like the 1987 film The Running Man—can attest. But deep fakes are no longer relegated to the realm of ... Read More
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I Triggered a Ransomware Attack – Here’s What I Learned

Ransomware attacks are perceived as complicated, confusing and dangerous. While all those things are true, there are also some basic truths about ransomware attacks that can be used to stop an attack quickly, minimizing or eliminating the damage they cause. Conti is a form of ransomware that has often targeted ... Read More
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Is There Hope for ICS and Supply Chain Security?

Industrial control systems (ICS) have been the target of countless cyberattacks in recent years. Some of these attacks have an extortion goal in mind, while others seem to be nothing more than a test to see if the attacker is able to access and disrupt systems. As malicious actors become ... Read More
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5 Ways to Protect Online Learning Environments

As most schools continue to provide online learning during COVID-19, here are some ways to keep students and systems protected Remote work has become a way of life for many office and call center employees in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the school year began this fall for ... Read More
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Health care data

Securing Healthcare Data in a COVID World

Healthcare data is some of the most personal information any of us have. In the midst of the global pandemic, many people whose information would not have entered medical systems normally are being hospitalized and data about them is being collected. With protected health information such a lucrative target for ... Read More
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