[Analyst Report] 2021 Tag Cyber Security Annual

The 2021 Tag Cyber Security Annual is out today and it’s jam packed with 300+ pages of market outlook and industry insights. Tag Cyber recently collaborated with Keyfactor on a framework to approach your enterprise cryptography management and interviewed me on how teams can get a hold of their cryptography ... Read More

Lessons Learned: Spotify Certificate Outage | Keyfactor

Spotify was hit yesterday with a global outage due to – you guessed it – an expired SSL/TLS certificate. It seems every month (even week) is lather, rinse and repeat.  ... Read More

How To Identify If Your Organization Has A Critical Trust Gap

Would it be surprising to know that over 74% of organizations don’t even know how many keys and certificates they have, much less, where they are or when they expire? A recent industry report highlighted this eye-opening statistic along the reality that massive scale of public/private keys and certificates needed ... Read More