Holding the Industry Accountable

Editor's Note: This presentation by Chris Roberts was a session at last year's All Day DevOps. Readers are reminded that individual actions influence the direction our industry takes. “Today we’re going to have a conversation about holding our feet to the fire,” said Chris Roberts (@Sidragon1). “We’re going to break ... Read More

ZeroTrustOps: Securing at Scale

Let’s start simply. How many of you are tired of hearing the term “zero trust”? And what does “zero trust” even mean? Wendy Nather (@WendyNather) explains in her All Day DevOps presentation. What Is Zero Trust? With zero trust, you should assume everything on the network isn’t safe. Yes, your ... Read More

The World Bank Group’s Cloud Journey With DevSecOps

Editor's Note: We are hosting DevSecOps Leadership Forum virtual events. Register to hear directly from leaders in London and North America. In this post, we cover what William Zhang, Andy Gao, and Srini Kasturi shared about their DevSecOps journey at the World Bank Group. Watch their entire AllDay DevOps presentation, ... Read More

Breaking Bad: DevOpsSec to DevSecOps

Editor's Note: This post came from an energetic session at All Day DevOps. Don't miss the upcoming All Day DevOps | Spring Break, a free event on April 17. New television series spoilers might be available, there, too -- you'll need to register here to find out. Today Sean Davis ... Read More

Department of Defense DevSecOps Journey

Editors Note: We recently discussed why the federal government should adopt DevSecOps. Here, a look at DevSecOps efforts at the Department of Defense presented at All Day DevOps. Sign up now for the upcoming All Day DevOps | Spring Break Edition happening April 17. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) ... Read More

Shifting Security Left: The Innovation of DevSecOps

What is DevSecOps? It involves taking all the practices of DevOps and pulling in security practices to improve security. Tom Stiehm (@thomasstiehm) explains the process ... Read More

Tools, Not Rules

Over the past couple of years, American Express has gone through a DevOps journey. A transformation that Tim Klever was kind enough to share with us at this year's Nexus User Conference. From draconian rules to a state where the company was able to use the right tools to solve ... Read More

Top 5 Tomcat Vulnerabilities

Those who spend time monitoring and patching open source projects will be quite aware that Tomcat has some vulnerabilities ... Read More