EH-Net - Steph Ihezukwu - BBP: You’ve Just Been Promoted...

BBP: You’ve Just Been Promoted…

“So, I heard back from the team. They really liked you, but I had no idea that you’ve just been promoted. The policy is that if you’ve been promoted, you have to wait a full year before you can change departments. I’m so sorry. If I knew, I wouldn’t have ... Read More
EH-Net - Steph Ihezukwu - BBP: My Path to the CISO Chair

BBP: My Path to the CISO Chair

Testing, testing. May I have your attention, please. *Ahem* Allow me to introduce myself and this new series of articles for The Ethical Hacker Network. My name is Stephanie, better known as Steph or InfoSteph in the community. I have been working as a security professional for the past year ... Read More

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