Should you upgrade to Active Directory 2016…or stay where you are?

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Should you upgrade your existing AD forest to Windows Server 2016 Active Directory (aka AD 2016), or should you leave it where it is? Despite the focus and activity around adopting cloud services today, the fact remains that Active Directory continues to underpin it all. In addition to longstanding dominance ... Read More
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Azure AD Password Protection: The Cloud Security Service your Active Directory Needs Now

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Microsoft has finally provided a service that mitigates the single most critical password-related security risk in the enterprise today: common passwords. You should kick the tires on this new Active Directory capability today, so you can deploy it as soon as it reaches general availability. This is a long post; ... Read More
Kerberos at Company Party

Kerberos at the Company Party

Back in 1999, I wrote a book on Windows 2000 Server in general, and Active Directory in particular. I try not to look back at what I wrote about AD back then compared to what I know now, but I remain fond of a passage that explained how the Kerberos ... Read More

The HIP Conference: DEC Updated for the Hybrid Identity Era

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If you ask any identity professional that’s been involved with Microsoft identity for more than 10 years, you can pretty much assume they’ve heard of DEC: The Directory Experts Conference. Known in its later years as TEC (The Expert’s Conference) when it expanded to include a few other Microsoft products ... Read More