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ForgeRock Secure Sharing: The Framework

My previous blog outlined how a sharing solution involves trusting people, resources, applications and services, and the access information communicated between a producer and consumer. Let’s turn our attention now to the specific architectures, standards, and technologies that are used to implement an advanced secure sharing solution. The Kantara Initiative, ... Read More
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ForgeRock Secure Sharing Ingredients: Who, What and How

In my previous blog, I described the ForgeRock Secure Sharing solution, which enables people to share their digital resources selectively with others in an enforceable way. How exactly do we do that? Let’s start with the three main ingredients: Who: Authenticated people What: Verified applications and services How: Trusted access ... Read More
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Why ForgeRock Secure Sharing: Trust and Enforce

Most people are willing to share their things with other people they trust. That said, we also want to be assured that what we are sharing is used in the right way. That’s where "trust and enforce" comes into play. If your neighbor borrows a screwdriver, you may not be ... Read More