the fraud triangle

The Business of Fraud: FaaS, Organized Crime, and Opportunists

In this guide, we’ll examine the different types of fraudsters and emerging tactics and threats to be aware of so you can stay safe and protect your data online ... Read More

How Fake IDs are Made: The Latest in Dark Web Tech (And How to Spot Them)

The hope is that everyone can use advanced technology like artificial intelligence (AI) responsibly, but this simply isn’t the reality. Case in point–the spike in hyperrealistic fake IDs being made by bad actors with the help of AI ... Read More

When the Gig Is Fraud: Building Trust for Online Marketplaces with Identity Verification

Gig economy users on either side of the marketplace can become victims of fraud. Take a look at the current state of fraud and trust in the gig economy, and how more robust identity verification systems can help ... Read More

What is SIM Swapping? How It’s Driving Fraud in Telecommunications

The rising prevalence of SIM swapping incidents underscores the need for more robust identity proofing processes and enhanced security measures in the telecommunications industry ... Read More

Synthetic Identities, Synthetic Shoppers, and the Impact on eCommerce & Retail

ECommerce sellers face new threats: synthetic identity fraud and synthetic shoppers threaten retailers across multiple channels- discover how to combat this fraud ... Read More

How Your Business Can Fight AI-Based Identity Fraud

The distinction between good AI and bad AI when it comes to cybersecurity is a growing concern for business leaders. Read more about the rapid growth of AI, the risk this poses to businesses' online security, and how they can combat AI-based identity fraud threats as this technology advances ... Read More

Account Takeover Protection: Risks, Targets and Prevention Strategies

Sophisticated cybercriminals are constantly dreaming up ways to breach that initial wall and gain access to the goods — customer data. Learn how account takeover protection can shield against fraudsters and ATO attacks ... Read More
What is eKYC? Exploring Digital Verification and Identity Authentication

What is eKYC? Exploring Digital Verification and Identity Authentication

Know-your-customer (KYC), sometimes called know-your-client, processes are familiar among banks and financial institutions as they’re a regulatory necessity in the industries. They often involve a mix of physical documentation-based and electronic methods for document verification and customer identification to reduce financial crime. Electronic know-your-customer (eKYC) takes KYC a step further ... Read More
biometric verification and authentication methods

Better with Biometrics: Biometric Authentication & Verification

Balancing security and user experience can be a tricky task. Use biometric authentication to keep threats out and genuine customers in ... Read More
frequently victimized industries by friendly fraud

What Is Friendly Fraud (and How Can You Combat It)?

Guard against friendly fraud and chargebacks. Learn about credit card fraud prevention, dispute resolution and protecting your business and customers ... Read More