Celebrating our 2021 Open Source Contributions

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At Trail of Bits, we pride ourselves on making our best tools open source, such as algo, manticore, and graphtage. But while this post is about open source, it’s not about our tools… In 2021, Trail of Bits employees submitted over 190 pull requests (PRs) that were merged into non-Trail ... Read More
On LibraBFT’s use of broadcasts

On LibraBFT’s use of broadcasts

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LibraBFT is the Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithm used by the recently released Libra cryptocurrency. LibraBFT is based on another BFT consensus algorithm called HotStuff. While some have noted the similarities between the two algorithms, they differ in some crucial respects. In this post we highlight one such difference: ... Read More

Panicking the right way in Go

A common Go idiom is to (1) panic, (2) recover from the panic in a deferred function, and (3) continue on. In general, this is okay, so long there are no global state changes between the entry point to the function calling defer, and the point at which the panic ... Read More