Zero Trust: Identity at the Core

Zero Trust: Identity at the Core

In my last post we looked into why Zero Trust is not this huge revolutionary vision but something reflecting today’s reality. Technology is ready to go –technology is ready for you to embark on a journey and start to align your security architecture and investments with this approach. The biggest ... Read More

Why Zero Trust reflects today’s challenges

Since Covd-19 started, I probably talked more about Zero Trust than ever before. Not that the concept is new, but the pressure to apply it, suddenly increased dramatically with all the users sitting at home and not within the “well-protected” network perimeter. There were different challenges companies faced these times ... Read More

Today’s Court Ruling on Data Privacy in EU

I guess you heard the ruling by the Court of Justice for the European Union on cross-border transfer. I think it is important to understand our position on this as outlined here: Assuring Customers About Cross-Border Data Flows From my point of view the important parts are: Today the Court ... Read More

Zero Trust in the IoT/OT Space

Zero Trust is definitely not new but around for something like 16 years if you look at it. This is, when the Jericho Forum was formally established and Network Access Control architectures started to get deployed (or at least designed). It definitely got some tailwind 10 years later with Google’s ... Read More

Hackers don’t break in – they log in

We talked about this very often so far: Passwords are by far the weakest link when it comes to security today. 81% of successful attacks involve lost, breached or re-used passwords. There is another fairly current article mentioning that, even when it comes to industrial espionage in the times of ... Read More

Privacy Principles in Tracking Apps

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With countries slowly trying to find a way back to a new normality, contact tracing is one of the means to keep the infection rate on an acceptable level. Digitalization might be one way to support these activities – the corresponding apps on phones are in the press since a ... Read More
Microsoft Teams Controls for Security and Compliance tutorial

Secure Working from Home – Some Ideas and Guidance

There is plenty of information out there how to secure a “Home Office” environment in these days and I do not want this to be another one. However, I tried to compile a few resources, which might help you overcome some of the current challenges: VPN Shortage Quite some customers ... Read More

Secure Virtual Coffee – Top of Mind?

< Deutsch weiter unten> Yes, I am sitting in my Home Office – as you might these days. Maybe the difference is that I am more or less used to this situation, my family knows how to cope with it and I have the infrastructure to do so. Talking of ... Read More

Corona and How We Work From Home

We are asked in quite some calls, how we handle the pandemic situation at Microsoft. As a lot of us are used to home office, the change is intense but not that big. Customer events were cancelled (as in a lot of other companies as well) or moved to virtual, ... Read More

First Significant GDPR Fines

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It took a while. I expected GDPR to hit sooner and I expected the authorities to go after non-European companies. I was wrong in both cases. 1&1 – a German telco – just got hit with a significant fine for GDPR violations: € 9.55 Mio. The case is very interesting ... Read More