Politician’s Reactions on VIP Hack in Germany

I recently complained about the Swiss government and our inability in Switzerland to really drive Cybersecurity forward (Federal Council not deciding again – Switzerland falling behind on Cybersecurity). It was one of the most-read blog posts I wrote during the last few years… In one of the discussions on LinkedIn ... Read More

Federal Council not deciding again – Switzerland falling behind on Cybersecurity

To be clear upfront: I think that our political system is amongst the best across the Globe. It is one of the purest systems to reflect a democratic process in a direct democracy. This is shown in special initiatives like the “Hornkuh Initiative”, where on farmer from the Swiss mountains ... Read More

An important step toward peace and security in the digital world

I think we are all in agreement that the internet as it is today is a great achievement but there needs to be a certain level of agreement between the different players what should be done and what not. On November 12th, Microsoft and other technology providers like Google, Facebook, ... Read More

Does AI solve it all?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning hold a lot of promises in security. They will help us address the problems around false positives and detecting anomalies. There is a lot of hope and a lot of promises by the vendors in that space. Microsoft invests in this technology as well and ... Read More

Do we really need a CSO?

I was just reading an article called Does Facebook even need a CSO? – initially my reaction was (as most of yours I guess): “What a stupid question, for sure we need a CSO”. However, is this true? Do we really need a CSO? Are there other models which would ... Read More

Confidential Computing – A Silver Bullet for the Cloud?

When it comes to encryption and data we solved different problems. Since the invention of algorithms like DES, 3DESand/or AES symmetric encryption is something we understand and can solve. With RSA and Diffie-Helman key management and key exchange can be implemented with reasonable management overhead. This led to solid and ... Read More

IoT and Hardware Security – How Bad Will It Get?

It is obviously not new that the security of hardware devices, especially the ones in the IoT space, is not the best. Typically, these devices were not designed with security in mind – much more with functionality and ease of use. With Spectre and Meltdown last year we have seen ... Read More

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report v23 available!

I still remember the first one and now we reach version 23… It has a lot of insights into the malware and cybercrime landscape with really actionable recommendations. The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report can be accessed in different ways: Infographic – https://aka.ms/SIRv23Info Full Report – https://aka.ms/SIRv23 Webinar (April 10th at ... Read More

Microsoft expands the Cloud – including Swiss Datacenters

The growing customer demand lets us expand our cloud services in new ways. Besides other exciting news, we just announced to open a Swiss region with two data centers in the Cantons Geneva and Zurich. Microsoft plans to offer enterprise cloud services for businesses, government, and NGOs from datacenter locations ... Read More
Securely Moving Workloads to the Cloud

Securely Moving Workloads to the Cloud

One debate is about the security of the Cloud and the Cloud provider. Once you decide to go there, the next question is about how to get it done. There are a few key and basic concepts to be followed. First and foremost you need to understand, which responsibilities you ... Read More