Protect Your Sensitive Content With These Ten Best Practices

Protect Your Sensitive Content With These Ten Best Practices

Organizations are under constant attack by bad actors trying to access sensitive information like PII, PHI, and IP. Your third party workflows, the channels your employees use to share confidential information with trusted external parties like lawyers, customers, and partners, are a gateway leading straight into the heart of your ... Read More
Help Business Unit Leaders Achieve Their Goals

CISOs Must Help, Not Hinder, Business Success

It’s no longer enough for CISOs to be cybersecurity experts. A successful CISO, one that thinks strategically and has a seat at the executive table, knows exactly what’s going on in every business unit, according to Jay Gonzales, CISO of Samsung Semiconductor. Gonzales is an inaugural member of Accellion’s CISO ... Read More
How to Stress Out Your CISO

Want to Stress Out Your CISO? Here’s How.

Lots of C-level executives deal with stress. CISO stress however may be unlike most others. Poorly defined expectations, a lack of training for the role, and exclusion from broader strategic discussions can lead a CISO to drink. In fact, a recent survey revealed a disturbing number of CISOs deal with ... Read More
CISOs: Don't Be a Roadblock to Business Growth

The Secret to CISO Success? Don’t Be a Roadblock to Business Growth

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that being a CISO is a stressful job. Long days filled with endless meetings, emails, and presentations. There’s also that pesky little detail that if there’s a data breach and your company’s intellectual property is exposed, you’ll probably be fired by the end of the week ... Read More
Hacking the Terminally Ill

Why Hackers Like Targeting the Terminally Ill

Having a terminally ill family member is a heart wrenching experience. Families put their lives on hold to make a loved one’s last months, weeks and days as comfortable as possible. Compassionate employers, schools, neighbors and friends understand obligations won’t be met when families are focused on more pressing matters ... Read More