Pondurance Innovations and Integrations for Cloud Security

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Cloud computing has created the biggest tectonic shift in IT this century. It has reshaped and optimized the process of application development and data storage, giving organizations the agility to rapidly and efficiently scale in accordance with their business needs. It has also drastically reduced capital expenditure  costs and total ... Read More
The SMB Path to Modern, Mature Cybersecurity

The SMB Path to Modern, Mature Cybersecurity

PREAMBLE: This blog is the fourth in a series that explores specific findings from Attackers Don’t Sleep, But Your Employees Need To, a Forrester Consulting study recently commissioned by Pondurance. For small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), digital transformation has been both a revolution and a source of great challenges. Cloud ... Read More
Modern problems require modern solutions – The SMB path to comprehensive cybersecurity

Modern problems require modern solutions – The SMB path to comprehensive cybersecurity

This digital world we live in can be a real jungle sometimes. Companies and individuals consume and produce more data each day, heck every second, than our minds can even fathom. And bad actors are trying to gain access or prevent you from gaining access to that data, creating costly ... Read More
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Pondurance Innovations Delivering Client Success – 2Q2022 Update

Pondurance has been a premier provider of cybersecurity services for over a decade, evolving from humble beginnings as a consultancy service to now, delivering the most dynamic Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Incident Response (IR) services in the industry since 2017. Our commitment to innovation and consistent delivery of ... Read More

Pondurance Delivers Managed Security Services as Dynamic as Your Business

Last year, I was presented with an opportunity to learn a new skill. One of the walls in my house had become damaged to the point that the only sensible solution was to tear out what remained of the mangled sheet rock and start fresh. “This is something I can ... Read More

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