Self Sovereign Identity

Self-Sovereign Identity: A Distant Dream or an Immediate Possibility?

To help solve the identity problem, enter Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID), which enables users to own, control, and present their identity data as needed all the while enabling service providers to securely validate and trust the identity claim. In today’s digital world, our identities are scattered everywhere, across every app and ... Read More
Leon's Tech Insight

Protect Your Apps Using Idaptive and Netskope CASB Provider

This blog provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Netskope SAML Proxy, configure SAML app in Idaptive and the necessary configuration in a representative SaaS app provider, Salesforce. Idaptive partners with Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) to provide the first critical steps in enabling secure SaaS applications. By ... Read More
SIM Swap

“SIM Swap” and Its Effects on SMS Based Authentication

As providers of centralized access to enterprise and consumer apps and resources, Identity and Access Management (IAM) vendors play a crucial role in providing controls to detect and remediate SIM Swap account takeovers. Many of you might be aware of the latest, and most high-profile account takeover of Twitter chief ... Read More