Perry Kuhnen, Author at Security Boulevard

The Role of IT in Protecting Your Business

As part of our “Security Takes a Village” theme, we’re examining the roles of stakeholders other than a dedicated security team in securing your business. In this post, Perry Kuhnen offers a view of what IT’s role should be in securing your business. He presents a hard delineation of the ... Read More

Threat Hunting and EPP – More Important Now than Ever

Sometimes I make a lofty statement and need to defend it. This time I thought it should become a blog post. Below I offer three reasons that Endpoint Protection and Threat Hunting are more important now than ever before. These reasons are based on technological factors, constraints of traditional prevention ... Read More
Human vs Machine: Why Machine Learning Won't Replace Threat Hunters (Yet)

Human vs Machine: Why Machine Learning Won’t Replace Threat Hunters (Yet)

Mathematicians and marketing people alike would have us believe that Machine Learning is soon to replace all our human undertakings. While the automation opportunities afforded by Machine Learning will surely replace some human jobs, I’m here to explain why Threat Hunting won’t be one of them. What is Threat Hunting? ... Read More