The Role of IT in Protecting Your Business

As part of our “Security Takes a Village” theme, we’re examining the roles of stakeholders other than a dedicated security team in securing your business. In this post, Perry Kuhnen offers a view of what IT’s role should be in securing your business. He presents a hard delineation of the responsibilities of maintenance and recovery vs detection and response, which for the SME is attainable if they are prepared to outsource, or to invest in staffing and equipping their own SOC (a complicated, costly, and lengthy undertaking that we have downplayed for the small to medium-sized enterprise in the past).

This topic is tough to address generally, because no two IT teams are the same, nor are any two businesses’ objectives. So, at the end of the day, it’s easy to attribute this to “just my opinion.” That said, before my time at IntelliGO, I was in an IT leadership role for nearly 25 years, so I do feel comfortable presenting that opinion, with the context of executives’ expectations, and the necessity of wearing many hats at a small to medium-sized enterprise, in mind. In this post, I will discuss what the role of IT should be in securing your business. You will see a gap in the responsibilities I list; alone, they will not completely secure your organization. That gap should be filled by a(t least one) dedicated security person (paired with the long, complex, and expensive path of building your own SOC) or, alternatively, by outsourcing to a third party like IntelliGO. My goal is to make a case that IT folks can take to management, explaining exactly what they should be responsible for, where the gap is beyond that, and how to fill it.

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Our role should be to own and communicate the Response Plan

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