Olov Renberg, Author at Security Boulevard

Three Lessons from an ID Theft Kingpin’s Fraud Factory

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Brian Krebs recently posted “Confessions of an ID Theft Kingpin,” recounting the cybercrime career of Hieu Minh Ngo, who began dabbling in online fraud as a teenager in his native Vietnam before operating a series of online services popular with worldwide identity thieves looking to get their hands on “fullz,” ... Read More

The Sudden Significance of Digital Disruption

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Businesses everywhere have realized the role digital technologies can play in increased operational agility, data availability, workforce enablement and revenue. Under normal circumstances, these tools are adopted strategically, allowing organizations to adapt and adjust their approach over time. Now a growing global health crisis is forcing millions of employees to ... Read More

How Increasing the Amount of Data Can Help us Overcome Information Overflow and Score Fatigue

What can we learn from our mistakes in automation and what’s in store for this trend in the future? In 2017 we saw plenty of attacks using a wide variety of methods, striking hard against the poorly-protected. We’re also seeing increasingly secure systems, with attacks that still manage to keep ... Read More