Natasha Mathur, Author at Security Boulevard

Facebook discussions with the EU resulted in changes in its terms and services for users

Earlier this week, Facebook updated its terms and services after discussions with the European Commission and consumer protection authorities. Facebook will now clearly explain how it leverages users’ data to create “profiling activities and target advertising”, which in turn helps them make money. As per the new terms and services, ... Read More

U.S. senators introduce a bipartisan bill that bans social media platforms from using ‘dark patterns’ to trick its users

Two U.S. Senators, namely Mark R. Warner (D-VA) and Deb Fischer (R-NE), introduced a bill yesterday, to ban large online platforms ( with over 100 million monthly active users) such as Facebook and Twitter from tricking its consumers into handing over their personal data. The bill, named, the Deceptive Experiences ... Read More
Cyber attack on Hydro Magnor

Norsk Hydro shares a 4-minute video on how its employees stood up for the firm post an extensive cyberattack

It was later last month on 19th March, when Norsk Hydro ASA, a Norwegian and one of the world’s largest aluminum producer firm, had to halt its production due to a cyber attack that impacted its operations across Europe and the U.S. Earlier this week, the firm shared a video ... Read More

Microsoft announces: Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac, a fully automated DNA data storage, and revived office assistant Clippy

Microsoft made a series of new announcements, earlier this week. These include a new Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac, a first fully automated DNA data storage system, and the Revived Microsoft Office Assistant, Clippy. Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac Microsoft team announced yesterday that it’s expanding the reach of the ... Read More

Microsoft adds new features to Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft threat experts, priority notifications, Desktop App Assure, and more

Microsoft posted an update regarding the new features in Microsoft Office 365, a web-based subscription comprising premium productivity apps as part of Microsoft’s Office product line, last week. “We released several new capabilities to help you stay ahead of threats, create a more productive workplace, and keep you in the ... Read More

New research from Eclypsium discloses a vulnerability in Bare Metal Cloud Servers that allows attackers to steal data

Security researchers at Eclypsium, a hardware security startup, published a paper yesterday, examining the vulnerabilities in Bare Metal Cloud Servers (BMCs) that allow attackers to exploit and steal data. “We found weaknesses in methods for updating server BMC firmware that would allow an attacker to install malicious BMC firmware..these vulnerabilities ... Read More
Security researchers discloses vulnerabilities in TLS libraries and the downgrade Attack on TLS 1.3

Security researchers discloses vulnerabilities in TLS libraries and the downgrade Attack on TLS 1.3

David Wong, Security Consultant, at NCC Group, a global expert in cyber security and risk mitigation, revealed details about the new cryptographic attack, last week, that can break the encrypted TLS traffic. Wong collaborated with other security researchers and found out that out of the nine different TLS implementations against ... Read More

Google open sources ClusterFuzz, a scalable fuzzing tool

Google made its scalable fuzzing tool, called ClusterFuzz available as open source, yesterday. ClusterFuzz is used by Google for fuzzing the Chrome Browser, a technique that helps detect bugs in software by feeding unexpected inputs to a target program. For fuzzing to be effective, it should be continuous, done at ... Read More

YouTube to reduce recommendations of ‘conspiracy theory’ videos that misinform users in the US

YouTube announced an update regarding YouTube recommendations last week. As per the new update, YouTube aims to reduce the recommendations of videos that promote misinformation ( eg; conspiracy videos, false claims about historical events, flat earth videos, etc) that affect users in harmful ways, to better the user experience on ... Read More
USC researchers present identification and mitigation techniques to combat fake news

USC researchers present identification and mitigation techniques to combat fake news

A group of researchers from the University of Southern California published a paper titled “Combating Fake News: A Survey on Identification and Mitigation Techniques” that discusses existing methods and techniques applicable to identification and mitigation of fake news. The paper has categorised different existing work on fake news detection and ... Read More