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How to Secure the Cloud Simply, Effectively, and in Real Time

In my prior blog post on cloud security, I discussed how migrating to the cloud comes with certain security risks for your company. To summarize, security for your IaaS cloud deployment means securing the applications and your private network that is set up in the... The post How to Secure ... Read More
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How Cloud Computing Enables (And Threatens) Organizations’ Digital Transformation

The pace of technological change makes it hard for me to remember what enterprises were like even a few years ago. Back then, your company probably consisted of employees with smartphones, internal IT systems for a common function such as HR, Marketing, and Sales Management,... The post How Cloud Computing ... Read More
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Network Security Solutions: Be Wary of the Hype Around AI

How many times have you seen a trailer for a new movie that makes it looks absolutely fabulous? Special effects, big name actors, promised plot twists. But then when you actually see the movie it’s another Hollywood formula movie that’s not nearly as inspiring or... The post Network Security Solutions: ... Read More