Mitch Parker, Author at Security Boulevard

A Cure for a Disheartened Cybersecurity Professional

Data breaches and ransomware attacks aren’t just still occurring. They’re also becoming more frequent. According to ZDNet, the number of ransomware attacks detected and blocked by one security firm grew 715% year-over-year in 2020 alone. Another security company calculated the total number of ransomware attacks for the year to be ... Read More

Mind the GAAP: A Lens for Understanding the Importance of the CIS Controls

Given that attacks are only increasing and there needs to be greater efficacy in how companies protect themselves, let us reference how the financial industry has created and relies on a body of standards to address issues in financial accounting as a defined comparison for Information Security. To support this ... Read More

How Tripwire Does Configuration Management Differently

So many times, we hear companies say, “Our tools are just like Tripwire’s,” “We do configuration management just like Tripwire” and “We can push out policy just like Tripwire.” But as we say, this just ain’t necessarily so. You might be able to do configuration management using a “Tripwire-like” tool ... Read More

Compliance – The Invisible Hand of Cybersecurity

Have you ever worked with a company that operates as “close to broken” as reasonably possible? Companies that follow that mindset usually do not have the most robust security practice, and they certainly will walk very close to the edge of compliance. Even if you don’t work in such a dysfunctional ... Read More

Don’t Let Your Stored Procedures Lack Integrity

Unfamiliar territory As a security analyst, engineer, or CISO, there are so many aspects of the field that require immediate attention that one cannot possibly know everything.  Some of the common areas of security knowledge include topics such as where to place a firewall, configuration and patch management, physical and ... Read More

Ordell Robbie, Tripwire and Security Configuration Management.

ORDELL: Take the keys, man. Listen to music. LOUIS: Which one is for the car? (Ordell finds it. While he goes through the keys, Vicki comes back on the line.) (Max speaks with her as he fills out his papers.) ORDELL: (holding a key) This one’s for the ignition… (holding ... Read More

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM): Your Friendly Network Detective Control

Lateral movement is one of the most consequential types of network activity for which organizations need to be on the lookout. After arriving at the network, the attacker keeps ongoing access by essentially stirring through the compromised environment and obtaining increased privileges (known as “escalation of privileges”) using various tools ... Read More

How CISOs Can Foster Effective Comms and Build a Cybersecurity Program

For many organizations, security flows from the top down. That’s a problem when executives don’t emphasize security as much as they should. Cisco learned as much in its CISO Benchmark Study “Securing What’s Now and What’s Next20 Cybersecurity Considerations for 2020.” Here are just some of the findings from Cisco’s ... Read More

CISO: What the Job REALLY Entails and How It’s Evolved over the Years

All of us know what a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) does from afar. A CISO upholds the organization’s overall security by overseeing the operations of the IS practice, the IT security department and related staff. In this capacity, those who become a CISO attain the highest paying job in ... Read More

The 4 Stages to a Successful Vulnerability Management Program

Have you ever been around someone who is just better at something than you are? Like when you were in school and there was this person who was effortless at doing things correctly? They had great study habits, they arrived on time, they were prepared and confident in the materials ... Read More