EMA Report: Unknown AD Vulnerabilities Emerge as Top Security Concern

Unknown vulnerabilities are the top Active Directory security concern of IT security practitioners, according to a new report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). Known but unaddressed AD vulnerabilities fall closely behind. Most concerning risks to overall security posture cited by survey respondents were: Native Microsoft security flaws Social engineering attacks, ... Read More
Sean Deuby and Alexandra Weaver Semperis Hybrid Identity Protection Conference 2021

6 Take-Aways from HIP Global Conference 2021

The chat boxes were on fire and Twitter was buzzing during the recent Hybrid Identity Protection Conference 2021, where the identity and security community gathered to grapple with current-day challenges and prepare for the future of identity. The online conference held Dec. 1-2 drew a mix of identity and access ... Read More

Why 86% of Organizations Are Increasing Their Investment in Active Directory Security

New EMA Research Highlights the Rise of Active Directory Exploits   Active Directory is getting a lot of buzz in business and tech news outlets lately—but not in a good way. AD continues to be a prime target for cybercriminals: Just a few recent examples include AD-related attacks on Sinclair ... Read More

HIP Conference 2021: Practical AD Security Fixes for Today and Identity Protection Trends for Tomorrow

| | Active Directory
Against a backdrop of surging cyberattacks and stepped-up measures by governments to address cybercrime, the award-winning 2021 Hybrid Identity Protection Conference, a virtual event on Dec. 1-2, will deliver visionary perspectives on identity protection in the future as well as practical tips for securing identity systems—particularly Active Directory—today. Finding and ... Read More

Semperis Contributes to Two NIST Data Integrity Practice Guides

| | Ransomware
NIST recommends complementary solutions, much like a team of security superheroes   To succeed in protecting your company’s data against ransomware, you need to proceed as if you’re assembling a team of superheroes. Each team member has a singular power that individually appears limited. But together, they can conquer evil.  As the number of ... Read More