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Privacy Pundits Finally Get Their Day in the Sun

As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg testifies during Congressional and Parliamentary hearings about his company’s business practices and consumers begin to wake up to the reality of how much of their personal information has been collected and mishandled, privacy researchers and developers are finally being listened to. In her New York Times ... Read More
Data Security Digest

Your Data is Only as Secure as Least Secure Link in Your Supply Chain

This week we were reminded of how important it is for companies that share data with third parties to better understand the security postures of their partners and to protect their data before it’s shared. In other words, your data is only as secure as the least secure link in ... Read More
Data Security Digest

Could Data Regulations Actually Fuel Growth and Innovation?

After watching this video of a Singaporean Politician’s Scathing Smackdown of a Facebook Executive for Trying to Evade Questions, business leaders would be excused for believing that governments around the world are done giving companies that profit off their users’ personal data the benefit of the doubt when it comes ... Read More

Could Facebook Data Leak Be Turning Point in Privacy Debate?

Last week it was revealed that Facebook exposed data on 50 million of its users to Cambridge Analytica, a U.K.-based data analytics firm which worked for the Trump presidential campaign. With Facebook being such an integral part of the social media experiences of more than a billion people worldwide, there ... Read More

Top 10 Protegrity Blog Posts of 2017

We would like to think that Protegrity upped its blogging game in 2017, writing about a wider variety of topics of interest to data security professionals than we have in the past. From GDPR to AWS to privacy, here’s a look back at the top 10 most popular Protegrity blog ... Read More

A New Prescription for Healthcare Data Security?

More than four in five U.S. physicians (83 percent) have experienced some form of a cybersecurity attack, according to a survey conducted by Accenture and the American Medical Association (AMA) and described in the HelpNetSecurity article, “Taking the Physician’s Pulse on Cybersecurity.” This, along with other symptoms of poor data ... Read More

Gartner Predicts a Record Year for Security Spending in 2018

Businesses are set to make 2018 a record year when it comes to security spending, according to Gartner predictions. As Michael Moore reports in his IT Pro Portal: article, “2018 to See Surge in Enterprise Security Spending,” the analyst firm forecasted that security spending will top $96.3 billion in 2018 ... Read More

Data Security Front and Center at AWS re:Invent Conference

Amazon Web Services Inc. continues its staggering growth and runaway momentum in the global cloud market. At its sixth annual re:Invent conference last week in Las Vegas, AWS Chief Executive Andy Jassy said that in the past year its revenue rose 42 percent to an annual run rate of $18 ... Read More

Misconfigured AWS S3 Cloud Storage Buckets Continue to Leave Sensitive Data Exposed

At this week’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, one of the key messages heard by the nearly 45,000 attendees was that data security is an area of focus and innovation for Amazon Web Services. From a threat detection service to a data discovery, classification and protection service powered by ... Read More

Black Friday Kicks Off Busy Holiday Cyberscam Season

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According to a National Retail Federation, Black Friday is the busiest holiday shopping day during the Thanksgiving Day weekend, and phishers are looking to get a cut of the action. Black Friday phishing scams run the gamut of unethical merchants duping users into visiting bogus high-end retailing websites to sell ... Read More