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SBN Eliminate Tradeoffs Between Innovation and Data Security with Protegrity 7.1

Do you find yourself caught in the middle of a battle between two opposing forces in your organization? On one side there are those who are looking to transform the business through greater use of Big Data analytics, shifting workloads to the cloud, and moving quickly to take advantage of market trends. On the other side there are those who don’t want to lose customers, turn off investors and face steep financial penalties after suffering a data breach? In other words, do you find yourself balancing the tradeoffs between innovation and data security?

If only there was a way to protect sensitive data everywhere while maintaining the freedom to innovate with it anywhere. There is. It’s called the Protegrity Data Security Platform.

Last year we launched Protegrity 7 so data security practitioners could define, implement, and monitor data security policies with unprecedented scale, agility, and flexibility to enable all data users to leverage their valuable data assets safely and securely.

Not content to rest on our laurels, now we are proud to announce the general availability of Protegrity 7.1, which brings additional features and capabilities requested by existing and prospective clients.

Federated Data Security Governance

Clients with operations around the world need to establish an enterprise wide data security posture that is consistent globally, while also being able to accommodate local/regional laws and privacy policies (like data residency requirements). Protegrity 7.1 allows organizations to define data security policies centrally and then deploy lightweight components locally to enforce those policies while at the same time enabling the addition and enforcement of local policies.

Increased Protection Options and Analytics of More Diverse Datasets

Heads of Analytics and anyone owning GDPR compliance need a consistent data security posture across multi-lingual datasets (e.g. consumers from multiple countries) that they can safely protect and anonymize for analytic purposes. With support for Format Preserving Encryption (NIST FF1) and fine-grained protection of Unicode data, Protegrity 7.1 offers cross-enterprise data protection, with an ability to protect data across many data sources and with the same value to multi-lingual datasets.

Cloud Security at Scale with AWS and Google Cloud

Organizations are looking for better ways to de-risk the move of workloads to the cloud, keeping that data secure, without that security getting in the way of the business being more nimble and agile in the cloud. And now, we can support higher-end workloads on more cloud platforms. With the ability to deploy to Google Cloud and protection of Bigquery and Dataproc, along with an expanded ability to deploy to Amazon (HA, clustering), Protegrity7.1 lets organizations establish a consistent data security posture across both on-premise and in the cloud. Protegrity helps enterprises stay in control of their data regardless of the amount of workload being moved to the cloud.

To learn more about Protegrity 7.1, please ask your Protegrity account executive or contact us here.

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