Letting Go While Holding On: Managing Cyber Risk in Cloud Environments

As recently as 2017, security and compliance professionals at many of Tripwire’s large enterprise and government customers were talking about migration to the cloud as a possibility to be considered and cautiously explored in the coming years. Within a year, the tone had changed. What used to be “we’re thinking ... Read More

Cybersecurity Is Every Leader’s Job

Every organization is led by people who are responsible for setting the overall direction, establishing priorities, maintaining influence over organizational functions and mitigating risks. Given the wide range of organizational types across industry sectors, the titles associated with these roles may vary greatly from CEO to Managing Director to Owner-Operator ... Read More

Cybersecurity Is (Still) Everyone’s Job

As noted previously—and as we all know—an organization cannot be secure until the entire workforce is engaged in reducing cyber risks. Each member of the group has the power to harm or to help, since each one has access to information systems, handles sensitive data and makes decisions every day ... Read More

Cybersecurity Is Everyone’s Job

As we all know by now, the human factor is crucial to enterprise security. Cyber attacks routinely exploit vulnerable human behaviors to gain entry, since organizations must trust their own people—or at least some of them—with access to critical systems. Humans make decisions on risk tradeoffs, funding for security programs, ... Read More

Jumpstarting Your Cyberdefense Machine with CIS Controls V7

Amidst the volatility, uncertainty and noise of the cybersecurity field, few best practice frameworks have emerged as consistently reliable and useful as the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Security Controls. Recently updated as version 7.0, the CIS Controls represent the most important security controls that an organization must implement to ... Read More

Security Mindset: Balancing Firmness and Flexibility

Navigating the noise, complexity and uncertainties of the cybersecurity landscape demands clear thinking. But that’s no easy task. The security professional today has to be knowledgeable about the organization’s own environment, business needs and risks, compliance requirements, best practice frameworks, internal policies and procedures, and the crowded market of product ... Read More