Blockchain EBI Transactional Security

6 Ways Enterprises Can Secure Private Blockchains

There has been significant growth in organizations deploying private blockchain technology. But despite its reputation, it is essential not to assume blockchain is secure just because it relies on cryptography. An appropriate security design with controls that addresses an organization’s acceptable risk should be applied and reviewed before deploying blockchain ... Read More
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InfoSec Reviews in Project Management Workflows

I have attended numerous security conferences over the past several years, and at each one, I repeatedly hear about the importance of information security being incorporated within project management planning and requirement analysis phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC). I agree – this is very important. But there’s ... Read More
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Dell Sky Global BGP hijacking

Protect Your Enterprise From BGP Route Hijacking

BGP does a great job of identifying optimal paths across the internet, but its lack of security controls allows the protocol to be exploited. Whenever someone asks me, “What is border gateway routing protocol (BGP)?” I always use the following analogy to explain it: BGP is like the postal service ... Read More
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