Arkose University: SMS Toll Fraud Masterclass

3 Key Telltales That Unmask the Reach of SMS Fraud

| | SMS Toll Fraud
The cyberattack known as SMS toll fraud, or SMS traffic pumping, has officially become a big problem for many businesses today. These SMS scams involve using text messages to deceive people, steal sensitive information, and exploit weaknesses in a company’s systems. The consequences of SMS fraud can be severe, leading ... Read More
behavioral biometrics

Behavioral Biometrics: Raising the Bar for Attackers

| | behavioral biometrics
As the economic incentive to commit digital fraud increases, so does the sophistication of the methods used to carry it out. This relationship between incentives and attack sophistication has always been present and is one that will likely remain constant forever. While IP intelligence, device intelligence, rate limiting, and statistical ... Read More