Will Blockchain Improve Financial Cybersecurity?

Blockchain is a technology that can keep records of transactions secure. Financial services companies are counting on blockchain technology to help secure the financial sector. But how, exactly, does Blockchain work, and how will it affect society? ... Read More

IMF: Cyber Attacks Could Cost Banks Half of Their Profits

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) believes that cyberattacks could eventually cost banks up to half of their overall profits. There has yet to be a cyberattack which cripples a bank’s daily operations on a large scale, but that day may arrive sooner than expected ... Read More

MysteryBot: Do You Do Your Banking on Your Phone?

MysteryBot is a particularly nasty new Android ransomware that is still evolving. It targets popular banking apps by displaying fake login screens which can grab your credentials with a keylogger. It will also attempt to hold your files to ransom if you try to remove it ... Read More

There’s a New Type of DDoS Attack in Town

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a huge cybersecurity problem. And they’re only getting worse. According to a recent report by Neustar, 84% of the 1,010 organizations surveyed suffered at least one significant DDoS attack in the past twelve months ... Read More
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Avoid Cyber Attacks During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

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Major sporting events have become significant cyber crime targets, including cyber attacks on individual attendees. Organizers and attendees must remain cautious and aware of cyber threats. If you are organizing or planning on attending the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, read on to find out tips to stay cyber ... Read More

Report: UK Security Has Much Room to Improve

The UK government recently conducted an official survey of 1,519 British businesses and 569 British charities to determine how prepared British businesses are for cyberattacks. Here are some of the key findings ... Read More

Stress Relief App Infects Facebook Users With Malware

‘Relieve Stress Paint’ is a Windows Trojan with a UI and functionality very similar to Microsoft Paint. It spreads via Facebook messages or email, which markets it as a legitimate stress-relieving app. Top geographic targets include Vietnam, Russia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ukraine, Italy, Romania, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Estonia, and France ... Read More

IOC Experts on the Energy Transfer Partners Attack

There are a number of oil and gas pipelines across the United States. Pipeline leakage is one of the biggest public concerns; there are also sophisticated computer systems behind those pipelines. Cyberattacks to those computer systems could be very costly indeed ... Read More

Windows 7 Meltdown Patch Complications

The fundamental nature of the Meltdown exploit is something that makes it incredibly difficult to mitigate. Meltdown was first publicly reported three months ago. Microsoft has worked very hard on patching the vulnerability for all affected currently supported versions of Windows, but the nightmare is far from over ... Read More

Uncle Sam is Looking for Cybersecurity Professionals

Uncle Sam’s 'I Want You for U.S. Army' poster from World War 1 is an iconic piece of Americana. A century has passed since then, and now Uncle Sam isn’t looking to recruit Doughboys, but cybersecurity professionals instead ... Read More