How and Why to Use APIs to Strengthen Your AppSec Strategy

APIs are at the heart of modern applications and have quickly become a favorite target of attackers. And for good reason - they expose a wealth of functionality and attack surface that is often poorly defended. In our previous article we introduced the key building blocks of API security that ... Read More

Top API Security Challenges and How to Address Them Today

APIs have altered the attack surface of modern applications and exposed new gaps in security in the process. In the old days, virtually all application traffic passed through the web front-end of an application, and unsurprisingly that is where security efforts were focused. APIs have quickly and thoroughly eroded this ... Read More

What’s So “Next-Gen” About the Next-Gen WAF?

The term “next-generation” gets thrown around a lot in security. Marketers have overused the term to the point that, for many, it has become an empty buzzword used to describe virtually anything. On the other hand, technology does go through major transformational changes where new approaches are needed to replace ... Read More

Top 6 Questions Around API and Microservices Security, Answered

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API Security Checklist: Top 7 Requirements

As I talk to customers around the world about securing their applications I've noticed a specific topic keeps coming up more and more often: Securing their APIs - both public and internal varieties. RESTful JSON APIs seem to be the most prevalent these days, but I still hear about SOAP ... Read More