What Are My Options? Session Encryption Protocols Looking Forward

TLSv1.3 is a game changer for some enterprises and data centers, what if I can?t switch to end-to-end and need a transition phase or alternate solution? This provides some options as well as some possibilities for design and development work *if* there is motivation from industry ... Read More

They Are Looking At WHAT? Service Provider Monitoring

At the start of an adoption curve there is much apprehension. This is true of TLSv1.3 and those managing enterprise networks and data centers. The IETF working group spent much time listening to operators and their concerns in order to better address and improve adoption ... Read More

Network Monitoring is Dead? What Now? TLS, QUIC and Beyond

Recent conference discussions revealed much about what is top-of-mind for decision makers as they look towards session encryption and when and where to adopt TLSv1.3 ... Read More