Getting Started with Contrast Security Community Edition for Java

Traditional code scanning tools for application security (AppSec) bog down DevOps workflows and suffer from major accuracy problems—false positive alerts that must be triaged as well as false negatives that let unknown threats slip past defenses. Contrast Security’s DevOps-Native AppSec Platform alleviates these issues by deploying intelligent agents that instrument ... Read More

Examining the Open-source Python Application CVEs That Led to the Cisco Server Breach

Hackers recently exploited two critical vulnerabilities (CVEs) in SaltStack’s "Salt" management framework in order to compromise a handful of servers at Cisco. As defined by the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), the specific CVEs in question are: ... Read More

Contrast Security Further Expands Industry’s Broadest IAST Language Support with the Addition of Python

Python is one of the most widely used languages for web application development today. It’s a dynamic language that is equipped with built-in data structures—which makes it attractive for rapid application development as well as a scripting language. Python’s simple syntax and numerous available open-source packages make it easy for ... Read More