Why bad coding habits die hard—and 7 ways to kill them

When it comes to poorly-written code, we're quick to point a finger at programmers, forgetting that they are beholden to the constraints of companies looking to push out tech product quickly. Thankfully, management can address bad coding habits with these seven ways to support, train, and motivate their staff. Categories: ... Read More
Parenting in the Digital World: a review

Parenting in the Digital World: a review

Parents don't just hand over the car keys to children who haven't taken driver's ed. Sadly, the same can't be said about smartphones. This book by Clayton Cranford shows parents the importance of keeping their kids safe online—and just how to do it. Categories: FYI Tags: child security onlinecyberbullyinginternet safetyparenting ... Read More

Engaging students in cybersecurity: a primer for educators

The continuing rise of cybercrime calls for a new breed of fighters. Are teachers prepared to take on the challenge of training the current and future generations of cybersecurity professionals? How can they introduce and engage students in this fast-growing field of study? Categories: FYI Tags: cybersecuritycybersecurity educationeducationK-12 cybersecurityskills gapskills ... Read More

Securing financial data of the future: behavioral biometrics explained

Sophisticated social engineering. Fileless malware. Specialized Trojans. These are the threats that keep the financial sector on its toes—making way for a new mode of authentication called behavioral biometrics. And its primary concern is not what your credentials are but how you enter them. Categories: Business Tags: artificial intelligencebehaviometricsbehavior-based authenticationbehavioral ... Read More

5 cybersecurity questions retailers must ask to protect their businesses

If retailers think they already have much to worry about, they have another thing coming— cybersecurity—and it's no longer something they can keep on the back burner. This piece helps retailers ask the right cybersecurity questions to protect their businesses. Categories: Business Tags: breachbusiness securitycybersecurityddosfraudretailretail industryrisk management (Read more...) The ... Read More

Physician, protect thyself: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

In this final installment of "Physician, protect thyself," we take a look at two key roles in small- to medium-sized hospitals and outpatient clinics that must step up their cybersecurity game to protect patients and staff alike. Categories: FYI Tags: Data privacyddoshealthcarehealthcare cybersecurityHIPPAphysician (Read more...) The post Physician, protect thyself: ... Read More
You down with P2P? 10 tips to secure your mobile payment app

You down with P2P? 10 tips to secure your mobile payment app

Peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile transactions are on the rise, thanks to a number of mobile payment apps available on the market. In this post, we'll look at the security risks of using P2P payment apps and what users can do to protect themselves. Categories: How-tos Tags: mobile paymentp2p paymentp2p transactionpeer-to-peerprivacysocial paymenttransaction ... Read More

10 ways to protect your Android phone

How can Android users balance the power of better tech with the safety of best cybersecurity practices? Here are a few tried and true methods to protect your Android phone. Categories: How-tos Tags: Androidandroid securitymobile securityprotect your androidsmartphone (Read more...) The post 10 ways to protect your Android phone appeared ... Read More

Physician, protect thyself: healthcare cybersecurity circling the drain

Study after study reveals that healthcare cybersecurity breaches are on the uptick. In this blog series, we'll look into the reasons why healthcare cybercrime is trending, understand the motivations of threat actors behind it, and discuss what the healthcare industry can do to care for itself and the people they ... Read More

Stop telephoning me-eh-eh-eh-eh: robocalls explained

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has identified robocalls as the number one complaint from the public. In this post, we tell you what you need to know to protect against the nasty ones. Categories: FYI Tags: Explainedfraudphone scamrobocallingrobocalls (Read more...) The post Stop telephoning me-eh-eh-eh-eh: robocalls explained appeared first on ... Read More