EU GDPR Checklist

The EU GDPR Checklist: Be Aware, Be Prepared

Yes, you’ve all heard about it. Many companies have been raising the alarm and raising awareness about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for months now, all offering protection and silver bullets to solve anything and everything to do with GDPR. It’s caused a lot of confusion and many ... Read More
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Reduce Cybersecurity Risk

5 Ways to Reduce Cybersecurity Risk and Win Over Your CEO and CTO

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In today’s always-connected world it’s important to realize that, historically and traditionally, cybersecurity was the responsibility of the IT department. Any time a cyberincident or data breach occurred or security questions arose, these got deferred to IT for the answers. But with today’s massive data breaches and very costly cyberattacks, ... Read More
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Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day: Where Has Privacy Gone, and Will We Ever Get it Back?

The end of privacy as we know it is closer than you may think.  Privacy definitions are very different between nations and cultures, but one commonality is that privacy is becoming less of an option for most citizens. In the coming years, we will see major head-to-head debates between governments ... Read More
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