Anatomy of a Phishing Attack

Anatomy of a Phishing Attack

Who attacked a couple of Internet pressure groups earlier this year? Jon Thompson examines the evidence. For those on those of us engaged in constructing carefully-crafted tests against client email filtering services, the public details of an unusually high-quality spear-phishing attack against a low value target make for interesting reading ... Read More

The Government Encryption Enigma

Is Amber Rudd right about encryption? Jon Thompson isn't so sure. UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd recently claimed in an article that "real people" prefer ease of use to unbreakable security when online. She was met immediately by outrage from industry pundits, but does she have a point? Though paywalled, ... Read More

Quantum Inside?

Is this the dawn of the quantum computer age? Jon Thompson investigates. Scientists are creating quantum computers capable of cracking the most fiendish encryption in the blink of an eye. Potentially hostile foreign powers are building a secure quantum internet that automatically defeats all eavesdropping attempts. Single computers far exceeding ... Read More
Brexit and Cybersecurity

Brexit and Cybersecurity

Is the UK headed for a cybersecurity disaster? With Brexit looming and cybercrime booming, the UK can't afford major IT disasters, but history says they're inevitable. The recent WannaCry ransomware tsunami was big news in the UK. However, it was incorrectly reported that the government had scrapped a deal with ... Read More

Staying Neutral

Is a fox running the FCC's henhouse? Net neutrality is a boring but noble cause. It ensures the internet favours no one. So, why is the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, determined to scrap it?"For decades before 2015," said Pai in a recent speech broadcast on ... Read More

Back from the Dead

Forgotten web sites can haunt users with malware. Last night, I received a malicious email. The problem is, it was sent to an account I use to register for web sites and nothing else. Over the years, I've signed up for hundreds of sites using this account, from news to ... Read More
Inside the CIA...

Inside the CIA…

Who is behind the CIA's hacking tools? Surprisingly ordinary geeks, it seems. At the start of March came the first part of yet another Wikileaks document dump, this time detailing the CIA's hacking capabilities. The world suddenly feared spooks watching them through their TVs and smartphones. It all made for ... Read More
Can You Hear Me?

Can You Hear Me?

Are cyber-scammers creating their own fake news stories to exploit? Jon Thompson investigates. The UK media recently exploded with news of a new phone-based scam. Apparently, all that's needed for fraudsters to drain your bank account is a recording of you saying "yes". It runs as follows: Someone calls and ... Read More

17 Things Spammers Get Wrong

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Predictions for 2017

Still dazed from the year that was, Jon Thompson dons his Nostradamus hat, dusts off his crystal ball and stares horrified into 2017. Prediction is difficult. Who would have thought a year ago that ransomware would now come with customer care, or that Russia would be openly accused of hacking ... Read More