Palo Alto Networks Know Your Firewall: Layer 3 vs. Layer 7

Know Your Firewall: Layer 3 vs. Layer 7

Discussing firewalls does not rank high on most folks’ lists of ways to have a good time. But if you want to secure modern, microservices-based applications, understanding how your firewall works under the hood is essential. To that end, this article explains one of the important technical nuances of firewalls: ... Read More
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Why the Point Solution Mindset for IT Security is Dead

For decades, we’ve operated in a “point solution” mindset when it comes to IT security. In other words, we’ve used distinct tools to address distinct security needs. That approach to security worked well for decades. But the world has moved on. We no longer occupy an IT landscape in which ... Read More
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Securing Multi-Cloud Environments

So you’ve decided to adopt a multi-cloud architecture. Good for you. Multi-cloud strategies can deliver a range of benefits, such as being able to negotiate better vendor terms and, increasingly, application availability. If you haven’t also developed a plan for securing your multi-cloud applications and infrastructure, however, you’re at risk ... Read More
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