Serena Dorf

7 Ways Social Media Sabotages Your Cybersecurity

Social media can do wonders for you as an individual, as well as if you are running your own online business. It can help you build a loyal following, spread word and awareness about your brand, and reach out to other like-minded people, as well as customers. And the best ... Read More
Maha Amircani

Public Sector Tech Security: Take Care Before a Catastrophe Occurs

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In today’s world, digital security is more important than ever. Long gone are the days where you only needed to worry about physical security for offices. Now, banks, law offices, government facilities, and private companies all depend on their technology being protected from a range of threats. It’s essential for ... Read More
Nathan Sykes

How to Make the Best of Cybersecurity Incidents

Today, cybersecurity is vital to the safety and security of your company and its data. Developing a proper risk assessment strategy for cyberattacks is about as necessary as breathing. Not only can an incident get you in a lot of trouble with your customers, lowering your reputation, but it can ... Read More
A New Era for WhiteSource's Support

A New Era for WhiteSource’s Support

Communication is at the very heart of every organization. Especially a Support organization. One of the keys to achieving effective Support operations is ensuring communication channels are efficiently utilized – whether internally with other departments like Engineering and Customer Success or externally with customers and partners. Communication enables us a ... Read More

CompTIA Cyber Roundtable, NYC

This past week Matthew Pascucci, Cybersecurity Practice Manager at CCSI participated in a Cyber Roundtable. Check out this article about the roundtable discussion by Teresa Varela-Lauper. Dr. James Stanger is CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist. He’s a CompTIA super hero in my book….traveling all over the world, speaking at events, impacting ... Read More
Michael Gorman

Your EBusiness and Cybersecurity? How to Stay Safe?

You have started your online business, and it’s going great, which means you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Well, not exactly. If your eBusiness is a success, you still have to work on it constantly in order to keep up with the changes, as well ... Read More
Nathan Sykes

Edge Computing and the Future of IoT

As the Internet of Things (IoT) begins to take shape and its future becomes clearer, IT experts realize that mainstream cloud computing isn’t enough. It’s not fast enough to handle real-time data streaming applications, and it’s not efficient enough to meet evolving technological demands. But developers are exploring a possible ... Read More
What is the Relationship between DevOps and Cloud

What is the Relationship between DevOps and Cloud

IT organizations have kept development and operations teams as separate units for years. Even with the similar business goals, these parallel functioning teams usually remain at odds with each other. Now, the organizations have realized the need to develop an integrated functioning model which leads to the development of the ... Read More
Nathan Sykes

Top 6 Emerging Cybersecurity Trends of 2018

The end of the year is typically a time when people look back over the past 12 months and speculate what might happen next in certain industries. When focusing on the cybersecurity sector, it’s clear there are numerous fascinating technologies and capabilities in the works. Below, we’ll look at six ... Read More
Peter McBryde

How to Stop Hackers Stealing Your Information

As much as personal identity theft is on the rise, there are also many businesses that fall foul of the same sorts of attacks. These are also on the rise as there are many business security solutions in place that are not up to date or protecting these businesses as ... Read More