NIST SP 1800-23, Energy Sector Asset Management: Securing Industrial Control Systems

Industrial organizations face a growing list of digital threats these days. Back in April 2019, for instance, FireEye revealed that it had observed an additional intrusion by the threat group behind the destructive TRITON malware at another critical infrastructure. This discovery came less than two years after the security firm ... Read More

The 4 Questions Industrial CISOs Need to Ask When Evaluating a Cybersecurity Tool

| | CISO, ICS Security
Cybersecurity is finally reaching the shop floor in earnest thanks to new technology that works with—not against—the legacy equipment that runs most industrial control systems (ICS). That being said, industrial companies and organizations in sectors like manufacturing, energy, utilities, transportation and water treatment can be slow to adapt to the ... Read More

ICS Security in a Nutshell: Common Challenges and How Tripwire Can Help Overcome Them

Industrial control systems (ICS) first proliferated at a time when cybersecurity didn’t weigh heavily on organizations’ minds. Since then, there have been two significant developments in the industry. First, cybersecurity has become a mission-critical concern for businesses everywhere. Second, there’s been a shift to new network technologies that improve data ... Read More