host-based Authentication

SSH Host Based Authentication

Introduction Are you an organization that manages or hosts a huge pool of resources on remote locations/servers? Well, host-based authority-validation technique is the most-suited way to manage the access and control rights related to your hardware and applications. Once implemented, this identity verification method applies to all the users.  Do ... Read More
fuzz work

What is fuzz testing? What is it used to test for?

Fuzz testing, regularly known as fuzzing, is a product testing procedure that incorporates embedding flawed or arbitrary information (FUZZ) into a product framework to recognize coding issues and security issues. Fuzz testing involves infusing information into a framework utilizing robotized or semi-computerized procedures and investigating the framework for different exemptions, ... Read More
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Best IP Stresser Tool

| | Network Security
Introduction Testing the restriction of your Web laborer incorporates pushing legitimately greater measures of traffic to it. You can either get delivered traffic or catch as of late experienced traffic and replay it at a higher concurrence than truly happened. There are organizations that can give load testing traffic to ... Read More
pci Pentest

PCI Penetration Test – Everything You Need to Know

Introduction For any association that cycles, stores or sends charge card information, entrance testing has been a commitment since 2013. That is the point at which the consistence necessities set up by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) were refreshed to mirror the developing danger enemies posture ... Read More
Local File Inclusion work

What Is Local File Inclusion Vulnerability?

Introduction This article clarifies what nearby record consideration (LFI) weaknesses are, including the way assailants can take advantage of them on weak web applications and what safe coding practices can assist you with forestalling local document incorporation assaults. Record incorporations are important for each high-level server-side language on the web ... Read More

What is Code Obfuscation?

Introduction The hazards of hacking and its corresponding disasters have become so precarious that the developers and organizations take utmost care to lessen their occurrence and the impact. Code obfuscation is one such strategic move that, when performed, keeps administered codes away from the reach of bad actors. The post ... Read More
Logic Bomb Definition

What is a Logic Bomb?

Cyber-attacks have become a norm these days as many as 4,000 attacks are happening every day, alone in the US. Bad actors have ample ways to target it’s the victim and the logic bomb is one of them. Logic bomb virus may seem subtle on the surface but can be ... Read More

Invisible rat: how Sentry, Datadog, and others used by XSS and JavaScript malware

We all know how it’s convenient to use tools like Sentry or Datadogs for JavaScript events monitoring. It allows to catch errors in real-time, organize and manage issues resolution process, and genuinely shift left operations to developers. But Wallarm security experts warn of dangerous patterns to use such tools integrated ... Read More

Discovering Shadow APIs with Wallarm API firewall

| | API discovery, API security
Shadow APIs can be defined as active endpoints that you are not aware of. Some APIs are deployed but never documented. Others are services that don’t have an owner anymore. Some are even old v2 versions that have been deprecated for years, yet still exposed. Long story short: these APIs ... Read More
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The‌ ‌Biggest‌ ‌Hacker‌ ‌Attacks‌ ‌on‌ ‌Gambling‌

Introduction With online gambling clubs turning into a staple alternative across nations like the United Kingdom, numerous sites are showing up out of nowhere and not all are protected or secure. Numerous club regulars pick to utilize correlation locales, as the UK gambling clubs recorded at believed sites like ... Read More