Trail of Bits donates $100,000 to support young researchers through SummerCon

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We have a soft spot in our hearts for SummerCon. This event, the longest-running hacker conference in the US, is a great chance to host hacker friends from around the world in NYC, catch up in person, and learn about delightfully weird security topics. It draws a great crowd, ranging ... Read More
Ethersplay Demo

Use our suite of Ethereum security tools

Two years ago, when we began taking on blockchain security engagements, there were no tools engineered for the work. No static analyzers, fuzzers, or reverse engineering tools for Ethereum. So, we invested significant time and expertise to create what we needed, adapt what we already had, and refine the work ... Read More
Demystifying the Secure Enclave Processor

“AMD Flaws” Technical Summary

Two weeks ago, we were engaged by CTS Labs as independent consultants at our standard consulting rates to review and confirm the technical accuracy of their preliminary findings. We participated neither in their research nor in their subsequent disclosure process. Our recommendation to CTS was to disclose the vulnerabilities through ... Read More
Panel - Beyond The DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge

2017 in review

What a roller coaster of a year! Well, outside of our office. Inside, 2017 was excellent. We published novel research that advanced – among others – the practices of automated bug discovery, symbolic execution, and binary translation. In the process, we improved many foundational tools that an increasing number of ... Read More
A brief history of smart contract security

Videos from Ethereum-focused Empire Hacking

On December 12, over 150 attendees learned how to write and hack secure smart contracts at the final Empire Hacking meetup of 2017. Thank you to everyone who came, to our superb speakers, and to Datadog for hosting this meetup at their office. Watch the presentations again We believe strongly ... Read More
Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Trail of Bits joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

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We’re proud to announce that Trail of Bits has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative. As the first information security company to join, and currently one of the industry’s top smart contract auditors, we’re excited to contribute our unparalleled expertise to the EEA ... Read More
iOS jailbreak detection toolkit now available

iOS jailbreak detection toolkit now available

We now offer a library for developers to check if their apps are running on jailbroken phones. It includes the most comprehensive checks in the industry and it is App Store compatible. Contact us now to license the iVerify security library for your app. Jailbreaks threaten your work Users like ... Read More
BSides Lisbon 2016 - Keynote - The Smart Fuzzer Revolution by Dan Guido

The Smart Fuzzer Revolution

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I recently had the privilege of giving a keynote at BSidesLisbon. I had a great time at the conference, and I’d like to thank Bruno Morisson for inviting me. If you’re into port, this is the conference for you! I recommend that anyone in the area consider attending next year ... Read More