This diagram illustrates the differentiated access needed for the different types of roles needed to access our environments.

Blog: Banyan @ Banyan Part II – Protecting R&D

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This is the second in a series of blogs on dogfooding your own product. The first in this series covered how we approached compliance, and in this one we’ll look at how we went about protecting other critical R&D assets. In later posts, we’ll cover remote access and InfoSec, and ... Read More
This diagram illustrates connecting to each of the 5 interfaces: Product Console, Containers, Kubernetes, Databases and Cloud Infrastructure.

Banyan @ Banyan Part I – Why Do I Enjoy Dogfood?

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Dogfooding your own product is a long-standing tradition in software development. The benefits are many – from finding and fixing glitches before any customer rollout to developing empathy for the end user (since that end user is you). Great stories arise from the efforts to deploy and use your own ... Read More

Secure Remote Access – An Engineer’s Pain

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Engineering teams need secure access to dynamic hosts, services, and applications to productively do their jobs. VPNs, falling short of today’s security requirements with their “one size fits all” strategy, are often at the core of serious usability, manageability, and security issues. Lately, Zero Trust is all the buzz, and ... Read More