Consumer Security: What Are They Experiencing?

A new report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reveals that the top three cybersecurity issues affecting consumers are identity theft, debt collection and imposter scams. What can our industry and government do to help protect our consumers? ... Read More

What Infosec Can Learn from Pro Sports

Absent a national draft for bringing new talent into infosec teams and without a transparent free agency, we have social networks like LinkedIn where talent quietly signals they are ready for a change and recruiters act in a sub rosa manner to get key talent into open positions. The opposite ... Read More

Steganography Useful for Espionage, Malware and More

Steganography is the “art of hiding something within an object.” As our means to communicate change, it is no surprise that criminal and nation states have kept pace and evolved their capabilities from the analog world to the digital world ... Read More

Applied AI: Use of AI in Business and Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving. It is a combination of science and art, as data scientists draw knowledge, insights and conclusions from data of interest. All very interesting, but how is AI used in business? As a force multiplier in customer service and marketing? To enhance the customer experience? To ... Read More

Friend or Foe? Machine Learning and AI in HR Recruiting

As HR teams embrace AI and machine learning to sort resumes into the appropriate candidate queues and talent pools, one must be sure to review the algorithms used to ensure the rules are legal ... Read More

The Efficacy of Bug Bounties

Product vulnerability search, mitigation, and revelation continues to evolve. Many companies are now considering the adoption of “bug bounties” to augment their internal research and development teams. A vulnerability undetected will have a deleterious effect on the company brand and potentially place their customers, partners, and clients at risk ... Read More

Technology in Politics?

The 2016 U.S. presidential election demonstrated the power of data, information and analysis in a number of ways. There is no disputing, the Russian Federation’s efforts to manipulate the social network engagement surrounding the election was multifaceted and all encompassing. And while this meddling is reprehensible, it isn’t going to ... Read More

Applications – Security and Privacy

It seems every year we read about personal information being harvested from various applications which reside on our devices. Clearly, knowing what you are authorizing an application to access on your device is of paramount importance ... Read More

Managers – Linchpins or Dead Weight?

In the high-pressure world of cybersecurity, an engaged workforce is a more productive workforce, but recent statistics show that 70% of employees are not engaged in the US, and 87% worldwide. Gallup studied performance at hundreds of companies and measured the engagement of 27 million employees over the course of ... Read More

Extending Corporate OPSEC to Those Working From Home

Before you cut loose your employee with enterprise access from anywhere on the planet, make sure you go over the basics of good security hygiene and basic operational security (OPSEC) as it applies to your company ... Read More