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Microsoft’s Opportunity to Reinvigorate Security Leadership

The White House-hosted cybersecurity summit on August 25, 2021 was an opportunity for representatives from the private and public sectors to discuss how they can collaborate to address pressing information and computer security issues.  Many of the leading technology companies, such as Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft, made commitments to ... Read More
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4 Startups Driving Cybersecurity Innovation

Constant innovation is a constant within cybersecurity. Information technology evolves and bad actors adjust with new attack vectors. Cybersecurity must innovate to keep pace with both IT and attackers by improving cybersecurity tools. Product categories such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS), anti-spam, unified threat intelligence (UTM), security information and event ... Read More
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The Cybersecurity Hero’s Journey is Ours

One of the oldest clichés in security is “security is a journey, not a destination.” It is clear that, when it comes to defending ourselves and the enterprise, we never reach the end. There is always going to be a new challenge. Life is that way. We are always moving ... Read More
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Are Cybercriminals Evil or Greedy?

Are cybercriminals by nature evil?  Only the 1930s pulp magazine hero The Shadow really knows “what evil lurks in the hearts” of cybercriminals. At first glance, it would appear there is great deal of darkness in the hearts of malicious hackers. But that might not be the whole story – ... Read More
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Cybersecurity Fosters Competitive Advantage

Tens of billions of dollars each year are spent on cybersecurity, yet cybercriminals continue to succeed. There seems to be a never-ending stream of cybersecurity bad news. Companies constantly experience negative security events – Facebook, Verkada, and Elekta are recent examples. Cybersecurity failures become public relations, customer relations, and financial ... Read More
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Wordsmithing: Cybersecurity or Cyber Safety?

Words have meaning. When I was writing policies, it was imperative that ‘shall’, ‘will’, ‘may’ and ‘must’ be used correctly. The significance of a statement is dependent upon the word selected. With this in mind, it may be time to consider promoting ‘cyber safety’ instead of ‘cybersecurity.’  This is something ... Read More
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 Cliché Myths and Misconceptions Around Security and Connectivity

Time to Retire a Cybersecurity Cliché

I’ve had it.  It is time to retire some of the old, worn-out cybersecurity clichés polluting the landscape. Clichés are painful to hear.  At the top of the list is the ‘defender’s dilemma’. This platitude states that breaches occur because attackers only have to be right once, whereas defenders have ... Read More
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Winning the Cybersecurity Contest

Cybersecurity is a competitive endeavor. This contest is framed as ‘us versus them,’ attackers versus defenders, and good guys versus bad guys. Analogies to sporting contests are common, thus resulting in similar descriptive language.  Given this view, it is natural to wonder who is winning the contest. The large number ... Read More
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Keep Your Eye on the Camera

Organizations have finally realized that mobile devices are a productivity tool. It became abundantly clear with the sudden necessity of work from home (WFH) that employees work best when they can access a mobile smartphone. One major reason mobile phones are so useful is their integrated camera. The addition of ... Read More
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Understand Your Staff: How Insiders Shape Defenses

Enterprises and their staff dealt with a lot of change in 2020. The pandemic and resulting lockdowns forced organizations to allow staff to work from home. This vastly increased mobility, cloud computing and social networking usage; in some cases, this transition occurred before companies and staff were fully prepared. Work ... Read More
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